Sep 232017

Re-enactment of theBattle of White Mountain1620

A weekend remembering one of the most important milestones of our history (1620) attracted thousands of people who experienced something truly extraordinary. This year, the re-enactment of the Battle of White Mountain involved seven hundred performers and thousands of spectators of all ages. Even though we arrived shortly after the start, the show was just beginning. And despite the somewhat flat performance of Václav Vydra as the commentator, it was very exciting. Pyrotechnic and smoke effects, props, embroidered coats and detailed costumes on both sides of the conflict. There were soldiers on horseback as well as grenadiers, performed with great enthusiasm by members of re-enactment troupes from the Czech Republic and abroad. The final powerful and moving moment in which the Czech flag had to surrender to the overwhelming might of the Habsburg army brought a tear to our eyes.

What would have made the experience perfect, however, would be some kind of message at the end that would make us understand the value of freedom that we now enjoy in peace. But we have to express our utmost admiration for such a perfectly constructed show that captured everyone’s attention and kept it for almost two hours. Well, with the exception of a rather large number of buffoons in the VIP zone who didn’t wait for the final curtain call and left early. The atmosphere was perfectly complemented by various stands showing period-accurate arts and crafts, entertainment for children and adults as well as delicious food, spread evenly around the site. The organisers deserve our respect and perhaps an assurance that such a wonderful experience could easily ask for more than just CZK 200 per person.

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