Dec 132017

Czech yoyo championship

Fast reflexes, enthusiasm and energy. That’s our summary of the Czech yo-yo championship that took place this weekend. The humble event in an even humbler venue, the U22 theatre located beyond the traditional borders of Prague, attracted a packed audience. Even though the projection technology was stubbornly refusing to cooperate, the performance of the finalists in this show was enormously exciting.

The crowd supported everyone with loud cheers and so even those who lost their concentration for a split second very quickly bounced back. But forget about the traditional up-and-down movement. In performances lasting entire minutes, the yoyos flew around heads and wound around hands and necks, vibrated for a while on the spot suspended by invisible strings and then raced lightning fast to one side only to reappear on the other one immediately afterwards. All of these tricks take years of training and hard work to learn. We hope more media take note of next year’s event, because it deserves their attention.

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