Sep 302017

A meeting with historical cars and legends

We could not resist the call of one of the last sunny weekends and visited the Retromobile Day, advertised on This very pleasant, even though small and humble meeting of about thirty historical vehicles including some real legends was part of the third Jiří Kristián Lobkowicz Memorial Race. The start was in Votice and the finish line in the Bořená Lhota Quarry, a place that’s not very well known and as such caused some navigation troubles. Starting for 2 p.m., you had to buy a ticket costing CZK 100 for an adult person to get into the quarry.

Despite the generous space prepared for parking and favourable weather, there wasn’t much interest in the event; the ghost-town feeling was further enhanced by the quarry itself which is a weird hodge-podge of various styles, from western-style log cabins to garden gazebos, standardised houses and ugly inflatable rubber ads, all connected by extremely dusty gravel roads. And, unfortunately, also an annoyingly complicated method of paying for food with tokens.

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