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Our team members are 100 % dedicated to the success of your marketing journey so they handle concept development, logistics, and production. They keep an eye on the world's best marketing approaches in the up-and-coming experience economy era and they answer your questions since the very first moment of your expedition.

Lab Is Teaching The Bank To Ask Correctly.

/ 4 min read

Monika Drobná, head of innovation management at Komerční banka, brings a huge wave energy with her - information and ideas that either wash you away or teach you to surf. It is absolutely clear that only a fraction of people would be able to jumpstart an innovation centre so quickly and with such results.


Even Ads Must Play According To The Rules.

/ 4 min read

Ads that work respect certain rules. For instance, they speak true, they're simple, and they help people choose what will work best for them. The way such ads are created and their essential ingredients are revealed by our colleague, art director and creative director Jirka Kubík. 


The Art Of Italian Cheese And Communication.

/ 6 min read

It takes courage to start a business. To do so in a foreign land requires not only courage, but also some measure of self-confidence. And to start a business in a foreign country in a field completely different than that which you studied, or in which you obtained your first work experience, calls for a full measure of madness.


Emotion With Maximum Momentum.

/ 5 min read

How does an experiential marketing look for those who can afford to buy almost any experience? You change the benchmark used to gauge luxury. All you need is a weekend. It will become legendary, and in future years your event will be anticipated long before you announce the dates.


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