Crea - externista
Crea a copywriting

We are looking for an external creative team.

We are looking for new colleagues for a reliable external team to work with our creative team. We like an open attitude to work, to clients and to the team. Our interesting solutions can be even better - thanks to young people like you. 

You will work with super-savvy and experienced strategists and senior creative people, and your task will be to bring new perspectives - a new generation of solutions. Together we can be even better. We are looking for skilful designers, art directors and copywriters to make our joint work visible offline, online and at events. You will work on great communication concepts and strategies, but also on minor graphics or textual tasks.  You can be specialised in one area, or you can be into everything. You can work alone or with a partner. What's important is your attitude to work, good ideas and willingness to work as a freelancer.

How do we find out that we are right for each other?

Have a look at our profile and website. If you find that you want to work with us, write to with some information about yourself, your portfolio and anything else we might want to know. We'll read and answer all e-mails. If we're interested in you, we'll send you a test assignment, and we'll probably meet you, too. You get to work. If the cooperation suits both us and you, we can carry on. If it doesn't work out, we'll still pay you for it.

And when we know that we are right for each other, how will it look?

Actually it'll be similar. When we have a job for you, we agree the financial and time conditions, and you get to work. You send us great results, we work on it together for a while, and then we pay you for it. The goal is good work and satisfaction for everyone - for you, for us, and for the client.

Established in 2002, reborn in 2016 into the world of engagement marketing. From a full-service agency in event, online and offline advertising, we were reborn into experiential marketing specialists. We realised the importance of the ongoing transformation of the economic cycle from a “service economy” to an “experience economy” and a significant change of the marketing funnel. Some “old truths” simply no longer work. So we’ve transformed our original activities as an advertising agency and started writing a brand new chapter in modern marketing.


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